Individual therapy

Individual therapy is a process of exploration and aims to resolve distress and assist the client find balance in their life.

Couples therapy

Couples therapy aims to assist couples to iron out relational difficulties and find greater fulfillment in their relationship. All couple types are welcome.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

Aims to provide a chance to talk about the trauma with others who were involved, if you’ve been through a crisis, you may feel anxious, angry, scared, or guilty. And you might have trouble with sleep or focus, or become physically ill.

Psycho-education group sessions

Focuses on helping companies to transition through organizational change, stress management, managers training on employee wellbeing and on mental health within the workplace.

Online sessions

Online therapy sessions are available for adult clients. It is the use of technology such as Telephonic counselling, Zoom or Skype to access therapy from anywhere you are.